Thanksgiving 2016 - Partnership

You can add me to the list of bloggers taking the easy way out this week and writing about what they are thankful for. I skipped last year, but in looking back at my Thanksgiving posts from 2011 (the infancy of my blogging experience), 2012 (post-Superstorm Sandy), and 2014 (dedicated to tech), they are some of my favorites.

This year’s list would likely include many of the things I mentioned in past years, but like in 2014, this year’s list has a specific theme: partnership. They come in many different forms, but this year, I am overwhelmed and humbled by the number of people with whom I partner on a regular basis.

-          My Team: First on the list are the partners on my team at work. Joe Sarno, Matt Wassel, Annette Pelusio, Michael Clark, Doug Petrozzini, and Robert Norton all contribute to my success at work and ability to provide great service to our clients while still allowing me to coach t-ball and softball.

-          CBRE: In January, we moved into our new office which provides us with a work environment that promotes collaboration and productivity. In addition, the new work environment came along with upgrades to our technology that allow us to work remotely.

-          The CBRE Internal Team: There are too many people to name individually, but as a company, we have so many resources that, again, help us provide top of the market service to our clients. These teams include research, marketing (both local and national), property management, financial consulting, mapping, project management, capital markets, debt/equity placement, workplace strategies and labor analytics. Jeff Hipschman, our managing director in New Jersey, deserves some special thanks as he typically helps us coordinate the internal resources to our clients’ benefit.

-          Clients: If not for the clients, this wouldn’t be any fun! Luckily, most of our clients are repeat clients, which leads to a partnership in many ways. We have been lucky this year to help some of our clients with amazing projects and I couldn’t be more thankful for their trust in our team to assist them.

-          Architects: We work with many architects including Gensler, Kimmerle Newman and Aztec, among others. They are the unsung heroes of many projects, as without their design and expertise, the projects would stall along the way.

-          Attorneys: While we work with many, including my father, one team sticks out this year. After years as friends, we finally started working with Bob Klausner and his team at Fox Rothschild. His team is amazing and Bob and I have way too much fun talking music.

-          Tech Partners: VTS…thank you! Without you, our team would not be as organized, as mobile and as transparent to our clients. We also thank you for making formerly time consuming tasks like reporting, very easy. The News Funnel keeps me informed and assists with the marketing of NeuerSpace. Thank you! I also look forward to new partnerships next year and will be writing more about tech in the coming weeks.

As they say, it takes a village. To my work village, thank you! While I might be able to do it without you, it would be a lot harder and not nearly as much fun.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!