Super Bowl

Lessons from a Super Bowl Winner…and Loser

Lessons from a Super Bowl Winner…and Loser

It’s been over a month since Super Bowl LII, one of the more exciting big games in recent history. While I am not a fan of either team, especially not the Eagles, I often find myself thinking about the two quarterbacks. They each shared, what I consider to be, important lessons in the aftermath of the game.

Loyalty - How Do We Get It?

According to, loyalty is defined as faithfulness to commitments or obligations.  In a world that frequently asks, "What have you done for me lately?" and in an industry that frequently asks, "What are you going to do for me next?", loyalty can be a challenging concept.  Sometimes, it's hard to come by even for those who may deserve it the most and it's sometimes given to those that don't deserve it at all.

Creating Demand

The NFL has certainly figured out how to create demand.  Despite the lock out that threatened the season this summer, the NFL had a great season is expecting a record viewing audience for the upcoming Super Bowl (Go Giants!).   The Super Bowl is truly the ultimate event.  Not only are tickets in heavy demand, even in Indianapolis, but tickets to the surrounding parties are hot commodities as well.  Tickets for the game start at $900 per ticket (face value) and the average on the secondary market is over $3,000.  A-list performers line up for the opportunity to sing at halftime (Madonna this year) or the national anthem while other celebrities travel in from all over to be a part of the big game.