Mariano Rivera

Why I Like Working with Athletes

Why I Like Working with Athletes

My nine-year old daughter had a softball game earlier this week. She pitched the first inning for her team, and while her control wasn’t her best, she also wasn’t getting any help from the umpire. Coaches from both sides shook their heads as the 15-year old umpire called several pitches down the middle as balls.

Lesson from The Captain, Derek Jeter

Lesson from The Captain, Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter was on my mind a lot last week. All over social media, people were posting the replay of the famous “flip play” against the Oakland A’s in the playoffs, which happened fifteen years ago. Time flies, but I remember it like it was yesterday, just like many of his other October heroics.

Lesson for Young Brokers: It’s a Roller Coaster

Lesson for Young Brokers: It’s a Roller Coaster

My brother, Zachary Levy, is 27 years old and is a broker at Colliers in New York City. While he is an aspiring blogger in his own right, he called me after an up-and-down day in the office Tuesday and made a request: it’s time for me to write a blog post about the roller coaster life of a corporate real estate broker.

Lessons from Mariano

In the last two weeks, countless articles have been written about Mariano Rivera as his retirement approached - and I read many of them.  In this post, I am taking a bit of a different angle as one of my all-time favorite baseball players retires.  Below are some of the lessons I have learned from Mariano Rivera. Be a good person.  Brandon Steiner once told me that Mariano is a better person than he is a pitcher, which is hard to believe.  However, with the stories that have filtered out recently about his farewell tour, which included delivering a pizza to a long time stadium worker in Oakland, as well as a touching story about a family that recently lost a young child in Kansas City, it's apparent to me that Brandon was correct.


Hard work is a timeless attribute.  But if you are working with antiquated information and tools, how far can you really get?  In business, it's not enough to rely on past successes. As you read in my last blog, I took my family to Disney World last month.  We rode "It's a Small World" at least three times.  I don't think the ride has changed since I was a kid.  It's timeless.

A-Rod - My Commentary

Major League Baseball announced yesterday that Alex Rodriguez would be suspended for 211 games for taking performance enhancing drugs and his role in the Biogenesis investigation.  The details of the investigation have been widely covered, but there are a few lessons to be learned here, specifically regarding the way the Yankees are handling the situation. A-Rod has a reputation as someone who rarely says or does the right thing.  Most of his decisions have proven to be wrong throughout his career.  By appealing his suspension, he is perpetuating this reputation.  I'm sure there are lawyers, agents, PR consultants, psychiatrists, and other members of A-Rod's inner circle encouraging the appeal.  After all, he stands to lose in excess of $30 million if the suspension is upheld.  But at some point, when does integrity come in to play?

Thanksgiving 2012

Last year, I posted a list of 10 things I was thankful for on the eve of Thanksgiving.  I am of the mindset that it's always important to focus on what you are grateful for, but since it's the day before Thanksgiving, here's this year's list. 1. At his son's bar mitzvah last month, in his toast, my cousin Ross Levine said something along the lines of, "Friends and family are the most important things in life.  Everything else comes after."  I am sure I am misquoting him, but you get the point.  I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams in the friends and family department and appreciate each and every one of you.

Hope Springs Eternal...

We made it to Opening Day of the 2012 baseball season and for baseball fans throughout the land, hope springs eternal.  Even the Met fans have something to smile about today with Johan Santana looking dominant against the Braves and sitting tied for first after one game.  Over the next six months, teams (and fans) will deal with highs and lows, winning and losing streaks, and even the best teams will lose over 50 times. Many say that the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint.  A career as a corporate real estate professional is also a marathon, or maybe a series of after another.  Each year has its ups and downs, and like a baseball team, there will be wins and losses along the way.

It was a very good year...

Last week, my cousin, Noel Forma of Ameriprise Financial (shameless plug), called to chat about the latest NeuerSpace post and told me that he was writing his year-end client letter in which he recaps the year.  I thought it was a great idea to take a look back at 2011 and also a look ahead to 2012.  This post will be the year in review and in the next post, later this week, I will share with you my goals for the coming year. As I reflect on 2011 and try to summarize the year, the song Frank Sinatra made famous (originally recorded by The Kingston Trio) comes to mind, It Was A Very Good Year.  That said, none of the verses start with, "When I was 37...".  However, here are some real estate trends and personal highlights from 2011. 

Thanksgiving...the list

As I look out my 20th floor window on this dreary day, I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have a great family, good health, tremendous friends and business is good.  So since my last blog entry was so well received, I decided I would do another list.  Please see the list below (some serious, some funny) of things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving Eve 2011. 1. The move to CBRE earlier this year has been better than expected. The people and the platform have outperformed our expectations.  Even our clients have felt the positive impact and greater scope of services we are able to offer.