John Lennon

Just Like Starting Over

Just Like Starting Over

I stole the title from John Lennon, but this post is inspired by a different John; John Zimmer.

Earlier week, I listened to the “How I Built This” podcast, which is produced by NPR. Each episode features a guest who has built a company from scratch, and discusses their successes and challenges along the way.

This week’s episode features John Zimmer, one of the founders of Lyft. While I have been more of an Uber user, I decided that Monday morning was a good time to learn something. The more I listened, the more engaged I became.

So This is Christmas

I love Christmas music.  Always have.  Considering that I am Jewish and don't have any feelings about Christmas as a holiday, it may seem odd, but I have always loved it.  Some Christmas music is happy (Santa Claus is Coming To TownMerry Christmas Baby), some is silly (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus), some is just fun (Run, Run Rudolph), while others are a bit more like most pop music, sad (Blue ChristmasPlease Come Home For ChristmasChristmas Baby Please Come Home). However, this year, one song sticks out for me: John Lennon's Happy Christmas (War is Over).