Jeremy's Heroes

High Hopes

Many of you may have looked at the title and assumed this is a review of Bruce Springsteen's album of the same name.  For this week, I will leave the reviews to others.  Rather, this blog post will focus on my goals for 2014, a year for which I have many high hopes. 1. Move the Needle - We exclusively represent almost 2.5m square feet of Class A & B office space in the New Jersey market.  My goal for 2014 is to significantly move the occupancy needle within our portfolio.  How will I accomplish this?  See numbers 2 & 3.

Give A Little Bit...

Accountants across the nation are rejoicing that tax season is over, but those of us that sent checks to Uncle Sam may not be sharing the same joy.  While I always view taxes as a bit of good/bad news (it means I made money), my favorite way to avoid the tax man is charitable giving.  If you share the same opinion, please consider the following charities for your 2012 giving: The NephCure Foundation:  If effort equaled results, my cousin Michael Levine could move mountains and cure any disease. 

It was a very good year...

Last week, my cousin, Noel Forma of Ameriprise Financial (shameless plug), called to chat about the latest NeuerSpace post and told me that he was writing his year-end client letter in which he recaps the year.  I thought it was a great idea to take a look back at 2011 and also a look ahead to 2012.  This post will be the year in review and in the next post, later this week, I will share with you my goals for the coming year. As I reflect on 2011 and try to summarize the year, the song Frank Sinatra made famous (originally recorded by The Kingston Trio) comes to mind, It Was A Very Good Year.  That said, none of the verses start with, "When I was 37...".  However, here are some real estate trends and personal highlights from 2011.