Space On Demand – Fad or The Future?

The concept of getting what we want “on demand” continues to grow.  I watch many of my favorite television shows on demand, movies have been on demand for years, and Uber has mastered the concept of a driver and car on demand. I recently read an article that said that food, home services, retail same day delivery, parking (on demand valet parking), and health services will all grow in the on demand space in 2015.

Apparently, there’s money in creating apps for lazy and impatient people! Imagine that.

Another growing on demand concept is office space.  While WeWork and other co-working concepts cater more towards proving flexible office solutions to entrepreneurs and young companies, space on demand is a much different concept.

LiquidSpace, and now Breather, offer small spaces such as single offices or conference rooms, that you can reserve on your smartphone and rent on an hourly or daily basis.  With all of the mobile tools that are at our disposal, working outside of the office has become easier, but finding a quiet space to make calls, answer emails, or write blog entries can sometimes be a challenge. Working in Starbucks simply isn’t the solution anymore.

So as the workforce becomes more mobile, is this just a new fad or is it the future?

One of my largest clients has been known to say that they value lease flexibility so much that if they could lease one seat at a time, one day at a time, rather than signing a long term leases for large spaces, they would.  For those of us that are in the office less and less, it’s becoming possible. 

To be successful, it needs to be easy, and not only for the tech savvy. I tried to find a space today on the Upper West Side of New York City to work for a few hours at the end of the day.  The only location I could find in that neighborhood closed at 5:30, which was not late enough for me.  I even called the provider to see if the hours could be extended, but they couldn’t.

Will I try again the next time I am in the city and need to find a quiet place to work?  Maybe. But as I said on a conference call earlier today, it’s a bit scary that I am equally as efficient in my car with my phone, laptop, and hot spot as I am in the office. However, I can’t charge my laptop in the car!

The magic will be when we can get exactly what we want, when we want, where we want. Then, on demand office space will prove to be more than a fad.