Onyx Leading the Change

If you have been reading my recent News Funnel posts or my predecessor blog, NeuerSpace, you know that I am always eager to try out new technology.  I want to be among the first to adopt new tools, rather than chasing my peers.  As an example, I’ve been blogging since 2007, long before the masses joined in.

However, I am not implementing change. Along with others like Duke Long and Allen Buchanan, we comment on the work of others and how it will impact our industry. Some tools I like, some I love, and some I just don’t understand (and no, I am not naming names).

Last week, I met with Jonathan Schultz, co-founder and managing principle of Onyx Equities. I thought we were going to discuss his new blog, his company’s position as a premier provider of investment and REO/receivership services, and the market.  While we touched on these subjects, the meat of the conversation was technology.

He’s obsessed with technology and he’s going to disrupt our entire industry…his blog about CRE + tech is a must read.

He not only wants to bring the best tools available in the market together to the benefit of his company, he wants to change the way the industry thinks about operating real estate!  While many of his peers still manage buildings the same way they were managed ten (or twenty) years ago, he’s so passionate about the subject that he’d like to make everyone aware that there’s a new way.

To that end, he’s hosting an event next week in Austin, Texas with CRE // Tech that will outline his vision and the value of data. Other panelists will include View the SpaceHPI Real Estate Services & InvestmentsRealMassive and Relationship Science.  All are leaders in the push toward new technology and in changing the way we look at “business as usual”.

Why do I care so much?  I care because if Jon implements his plan within his portfolio, it will force the local competition to do the same.  And if they employ the latest technology, our buildings will be smarter, managed better, and our tenants will have better experiences.  If other markets are slower to adapt, that will mean that New Jersey will have a competitive advantage (finally) in keeping jobs here within our state.

I wrote recently that, “…we need leaders with vision to ensure the viability of our local economy in the decades to come.”  I think we may have found one of those leaders. I, personally, will be keeping an eye on him and his company to make sure I am using all of newest tools available in the market.  If he’s true to his vision, Onyx will be the leader, not only in New Jersey, but throughout the country.