NeuerSpace - One Year In

On August 29, 2011, I launched NeuerSpace.  I had been kicking around the idea for a while  and had planned a launch after Labor Day.  But sometimes, patience isn't my strong suit and Hurricane Irene gave me the inspiration for post #1. In the last year, I have published 32 posts, discussed a wide variety of topics including sports, negotiating, hints for young brokers, how to create demand, relationship building, Bruce Springsteen (maybe too often) and shared my goals for 2012. Readership continues to grow and I enjoy the outlet, especially since in this medium, no one can interupt me.

Finding time is sometimes tough as I try to balance work and family life, but it's never a burden.  So I will continue and my hope for the next year is to not only continue to grow readership, but spur conversation.  I'd love more comments that lead to a meaningful exchange of ideas, especially if you disagree with me.  Be gentle though.

There are a few people that need to be thanked as I have had some help along the way.  My partner Joe Sarno is not only a great supporter of the blog, but is a great sounding board for ideas.  My friend and confidant Michael Beckerman continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders, but more important, he introduced me to Eric Fischgrund and John Yocca.  Eric provided advice that laid the groundwork for the blog and John has served as the editor of the blog from day one.  Sevim Can, our marketing director at CBRE in New Jersey has been a huge proponent, tweeting the links and even getting in a bit of trouble when I mentioned Occupy Wall Street.

And the biggest thanks goes to everyone who has read, subscribed, commented, emailed, etc.  I know we all get a lot of content pushed at us all day, every day, so I appreciate you taking the time.  I hope it's been worthwhile and will continue to work hard to make sure it remains so going forward.