Living in the Future...

As promised last week, I am sharing some of my 2012 goals.  I figure, if I put them in a blog for the whole world to see, it will help me keep my eyes on the prize throughout the year.  In honor of the upcoming Bruce album/tour, I decided to label each goal with a Bruce song.  Some are a stretch,'s a slow week and you can link to the concert clips.  Enjoy! #1 - Pay Me My Money Down: I think any commission based salesperson should always strive to break their personal best for production.  To that end, I would like to add one more multi-market account and another true Class A building to our client base which will help me achieve an all-time production high.  MetroPark and the surrounding area would be my target geography for the Class A building.

#2 - I'll Work For Your Love: While making money is great, I get tremendous satisfaction from doing my job well and having happy clients.  I find coming up with creative solutions to complex issues to be both challenging and rewarding.  Providing great service is something we take very seriously as a team and the results speak for themselves.  We are always looking for how we can improve and will continue to seek out "best practices" we can use to the benefit of our clients.

#3 - Let's Be Friends: Now that I have learned the CBRE platform, my goal next year is to put it to better use for our existing and potential clients.  Specifically, I would like to partner with the Global Corporate Service Team on the new multi-market account mentioned above, and I would like to work with Mike Laffey in our Project Management Group and Jim Gunning in our Debt & Equity Finance Group on projects, respectively.

#4 - You'll Be Coming Down: On a personal note, I would like to lose 10 pounds.  I would say exercise more, but that would imply that I currently exercise at all.  So in 2012, there will be some exercise and less cookies.  If you are reading this, feel free to remind me of this goal if you see me eating junk food.

#5 - Loose Ends: I would like to make better use of LinkedIn in the coming year.  I feel that it is a resource that I have not fully embraced yet, and I may be missing out on business opportunities.  I have reached out to Lisa Kanda of ElKay Advisors for a crash course.  Hopefully, she can help me make better use of it and tie up those loose ends.

#6 - Blood Brothers: Helping others achieve their goals and have their best years is also a focus for 2012.  We have expanded our team since joining CBRE and I am confident our new team members are ready to take the next steps forward in their careers.  I am committed to helping however I can.

#7 - Where The Bands Are: As I have mentioned in the past, I am pretty anxious for the upcoming Bruce tour.  If you would like to come along, shoot me a note.

#8 - Reason To Believe: Regarding NeuerSpace, I am targeting 45 posts throughout the year.  My belief is that if I continue to provide content worth reading, the number of visitors and subscribers will take care of itself.  The feedback so far has been tremendous and is great motivation to keep it going.  If you have any suggestions on how I can improve it, please let me know!  Some of the early topics for 2012 are The Life and Times of a Young Broker and U2's One as a commentary on the market.

If you have any goals you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section.  Wishing you and your families a Happy Holiday Season and an Amazing 2012!