Lesson For Young Brokers: Be Adaptive

Over the last few days, I have heard some chatter about Instagram changing their feed from a chronological timeline to a curated feed. Their blog entry on the subject was, “See the Moments You Care About First.” Both Facebook and Twitter have already adopted a similar approach.

While you can turn on post notifications to make sure you don’t miss posts from those you are most interested in, it’s a shift in the way we can consume content via Instagram.

It requires us to adapt.

Some of the software we use on a daily basis is static. Microsoft releases a new version of Windows or Office on an annual basis, but our company doesn’t upgrade every year. 

However, that model is changing. Web based applications like VTS or Google Docs are updated without us even knowing or having to download anything. We can also adjust the settings on our iPhones to update apps automatically to make sure we have the latest version with the newest features, without the previous bugs or problems.

What I like best about the web based tools and apps is that they are constantly improving; sometimes in a very noticeable way and sometimes, very subtly. If we don’t change with the tools, we run the risk of falling into two separate and distinct traps.

First, we don’t want to be using a tool that is outdated. Using an antiquated tool would simply make you look back.  Imagine if someone referenced their MySpace page.  Second, if we aren’t constantly getting better, we run the risk of getting worse and being passed by our peers.

Instagram decided that their product would be better in the long run despite this disruption to their users. As a service provider, we might not be able to unilaterally change the way we interact with our clients or the tools we use to service them, but we can suggest a better way. Your competitors are doing just that when they call your clients. No one ever won an account by going into a pitch and saying, “I am going to do it exactly the way as your previous broker.”

As a young broker, I suggest you adapt easily to new technology, new ideas, and the changing environments around us. No one wants to work with someone who is constantly complaining about the changes to the status quo. However, those who embrace the changes and help lead the way and attract others.

Using the Instagram example, would you rather read a post from someone complaining about the change or someone who created a funny image encouraging you to turn on your post notifications?