Hope Springs Eternal...

We made it to Opening Day of the 2012 baseball season and for baseball fans throughout the land, hope springs eternal.  Even the Met fans have something to smile about today with Johan Santana looking dominant against the Braves and sitting tied for first after one game.  Over the next six months, teams (and fans) will deal with highs and lows, winning and losing streaks, and even the best teams will lose over 50 times. Many say that the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint.  A career as a corporate real estate professional is also a marathon, or maybe a series of marathons...one after another.  Each year has its ups and downs, and like a baseball team, there will be wins and losses along the way.

For young brokers, those wins and losses can come as quickly as the next canvass call.  A series of bad calls can build momentum, lack of enthusiasm, and lead to a generally negative feeling.  However, all it takes is one positive call to turn the tide. (maybe relates to a baseball team feeding off of positive victories)

Our team, unfortunately, recently lost a presentation.  We hate to lose.  However, after being in the business for 13 years, I feel a bit like a relief pitcher.  I won't let today's results won't impact tomorrow.  Learn from the experience and move forward to the next.  One of the many reasons that Mariano Rivera is the greatest relief pitcher of all-time is his ability to put losses aside quickly and get the job done the next time out.  I was there for the home opener in 1997 when, in his first year as the closer, he gave up a mammoth home run to Mark McGwire to blow the save.  He has saved almost 600 games since then.

Luckily, our recent loss was followed up by a large new assignment (I will share the details soon) and frankly, if we had won one of the other presentation, I wouldn't have had the time to devote to it.  There's always a silver lining.

Because the typical transaction cycle is so long, we like to remind our team that business development for 2012 ends in June.  If you aren't actively working on a deal by July 1, it's not likely to close before the end of the year. As my year continues to take shape, I am on my way towards hitting some of my goals that I mentioned in a previous blog post.

So while the baseball world embarks on a new season, brokers everywhere should remain equally optimistic.  That great call may be just around the corner.  After all...hope springs eternal.