Goodnight Irene...

As I stare out my window, they have finally opened Route 18 which was closed since Hurricane Irene Saturday night.  Thousands in the area are still without power and I think the cable is still out at my house.  Commuters who travel to New York City were forced to stay home today as trains and buses weren't running.  A business associate last week compared the storm to Y2K. He was convinced that the hype had gotten out of control, to the benefit of CNN and The Weather Channel, but that the storm itself wouldn't live up to the hype.  In hindsight, it was more like the new Jay-Z/Kanye West album.  For some, it's epic.  For others like me (luckily), it's just another album/storm.

While the impact to corporate real estate may seem clear, I am curious about the lingering effects.  Will more companies seek disaster recovery locations in suburban locations?  Will more companies seek Alternative Workplace Solutions (i.e. working from home)?  Will companies remember the flooding in cities like Hoboken, Newark, and Parsippany when considering relocation alternatives?

In two weeks, will anyone even remember the storm happened?  Two months?