Duke’s List and Why It’s A Big Deal

My parents were VERY excited that I made Duke Long’s Updated 2017 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn. It’s fun to be included, especially when you see the other 149 people on the list and when you consider its curator.

Duke doesn’t put people on any of his lists unless he thinks they are deserving.

I tried to tell my mother that it wasn’t a big deal. She responded by saying, “if it wasn’t a big deal, there wouldn’t be a list.” So, since I can’t argue with her, here are three questions that speak to the importance and validity of the list.

What does it mean to be on the list? 

If you are on the list, it means that you are part of a conversation that goes beyond the barriers of your own business. Maybe you are sharing information on LinkedIn that others find interesting or maybe you are commenting on posts in a way that furthers the conversation. The bottom line is simple:

You are adding value to the global real estate community.

Why is it important?

For many, it isn’t. They are happy staying in their own little corner of the world, doing their job, and staying away from what they think is the evil of social media. But if you care about the industry, the progress it can and should be making, and you want to be a part of that progress, you have the opportunity to do so. It simply takes clicking a few buttons and sharing ideas with those beyond the four walls of your office.

The more ideas we all put out there, the more debates about technology, and the more we help each other move forward, the better our community and our industry will be. Isn’t that going to help everyone in the long run?

Why should people want to be on the list?

Why wouldn’t you want to be on the list? Every year, the list comes out and I go through it and connect with new people. I made ten new connections today with several invitations pending. One of those new connections has already reached out to introduce me to a cool technology that I haven’t seen yet. Hopefully, others, both on and off the list, will reach out to connect with me as well.

If you are on the list, you are a thought leader in our industry. As I mentioned earlier, you are adding value to the global community and I not only appreciate it, but value the connections. I love being listed with Riggs Kubiak, Sarah Malcomb, Michael Beckerman, Dave Eisenberg, Nick Romito, Yan Kamish, Arie Barendrecht, and others.

Our industry is changing at a faster pace than ever. Disruption is constantly around the corner. If you want to know what’s coming next, connect with and follow the people on this list. They are the ones either making impactful changes or commenting on it.

One last thing…Hey Duke…thank you!