CRE Tech: Why Do I Care?

Any follower of my blog or LinkedIn posts knows that I am passionate about CRE Tech. I read all the blogs, especially Duke Long’s and Michael Beckerman’s, sit through countless demos, spend hours researching new gadgets and tools, and am always happy to talk to anyone about the latest and greatest.

Why do I care?

Most of my clients aren’t even interested in new technology. They are successful, have processes that they are comfortable with, and don’t want to change. Some of my partners feel the same way. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

So why do I care? Tech has always been an important part of my toolkit, starting with my first day in real estate. I knew how to use a computer and certain programs (Excel and PowerPoint, for example) when others didn’t. That skill set provided me with something to offer senior brokers and clients that others couldn’t, and staying ahead of the curve has always been important to me.

 I also have an inherent curiosity and an insatiable need to improve. My team will tell you that one of my mantras is:

If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.

We are always trying to get better. But there’s one more reason that might surprise you.

I am scared to death.

There, I said it. I feel better. Are you wondering what I am scared of? It’s simple. I am scared that it will all disappear. The clients, the buildings, the deals…gone. I’ve seen it happen.

A few brokers who I thought were talented, successful, and bulletproof at the beginning of my career are struggling towards the end of theirs. Why? Who knows? But I am doing everything in my power to make sure that I finish strong, whenever that finish is. Part of that is making sure that no one knows more about what’s coming next.

For the young brokers reading this, it doesn’t mean that knowing tech is only the key to having success. Knowing your markets, building strong relationships, and having a great process are all essential. But if one of your competitors shows your client a game changing technology before you do, how long will they be your client?

In my opinion, CRE Tech today is like rock music in the sixties. It’s changing every six months and every change in groundbreaking. Technology that may have been mind-blowing two years ago is extinct now. The future is augmented reality, virtual reality, 3-D printing, and others that we don’t even know about yet, but I promise you this:

It’s coming.

I am paying close attention. Are you? I care because I want to give my clients the best service available in the market.

Do you?