Is Technology Moving Too Fast?

In the last 24 hours, two great articles hit my inbox, both focusing on technology and real estate.  The first, on CBRE’s Blueprint site titled Three Tech Trends that Will Transform Real Estate, discussed the overall use of real estate and how it will evolve in the years to come. The second, written by the very forward thinking Jonathan Schultz titled Real Estate Operations and Technology Are About To Change Forever, hit on some of the key ways companies can prepare for the future.

Open Office – Is It For Everyone?

Over the weekend, my colleague Robert Norton posted an article on Facebook that spoke out against the open work environment titled, “Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace.”  The article first appeared in December on the site for The Washington Post and Rob’s comment on Facebook was that he was neither supporting nor disputing the article, but just sharing.

Is Education Shaping the Workplace?

A few weeks ago, my partner Matt Wassel, attended a job fair at the Rutgers Business School as a representative of CBRE.  Matt is 25 years old and graduated from Middlebury College in 2012.  We joke about his age often as he doesn’t remember a time that Derek Jeter wasn’t the shortstop for the Yankees and he has no clue what a cassette tape is. Earlier this week, he was amazed that I learned Excel in college. He learned it in the fourth grade.

Career Advice from ESPN’s Bill Simmons

Last month, in a very candid way, ESPN’s Bill Simmons discussed his career on his podcast, The BS Report.  He walked listeners through each step, starting with his childhood fandom of all things Boston, to his first job at the Boston Herald as a high school sports reporter, to his AOL column on the Digital City Boston page, to ESPN, ESPN Page 2, being a writer for Jimmy Kimmel, and launching Grantland for ESPN.

Space On Demand – Fad or The Future?

The concept of getting what we want “on demand” continues to grow.  I watch many of my favorite television shows on demand, movies have been on demand for years, and Uber has mastered the concept of a driver and car on demand. I recently read an article that said that food, home services, retail same day delivery, parking (on demand valet parking), and health services will all grow in the on demand space in 2015.